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Vampires or Werewolves

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 So the twilight series basically has two sides, the Cullen family or the Quileutes pack Which team are you on?


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Werewolves kill vampires to protect humans i picked WEREWOLES!!!!! **** Talyor Lautner **** :)
vampire not thought about it
VAMPires.. Aww... but wolves are cute.
the Collins
vampires because they are so alluring and the cullens are just so beautiful in the way they go though life.
Vampires because i would be with emmet all day laughing my head off and alice because she would be my best friend and jasper because hes just awesome and... everyone else!! :D
who is your fav? cullens or Quileutes? im with edward...
vampires rock!
vampires rock! though jacobs quite hot...
Vampires All The Way So Much Hotter Than The Werewolves And Just Unbelievably Cool
vampires!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! duh!
werewolves for sure.. http://www.ilovewerewolve
Vampires... ALL THE WAY!!
Vampires Deffo


Oh that's funny. VAMPIRES of course. It so popular.

I wrote a book on vampires that comes out this August. It includes commentary on everything from ancient folklore to modern day vampires. My profile pic is the cover, but has the details...wish me luck!

Werewolves all the way but that doesn'st mean I don't like edward I just like werewolves in general

vanpares because hy dont have a hairy back!!!

The werewolves are... =X Uckie.. they're too hot.

twilight fans! i have 27 campains ALL about twilight the book, movie and anything else that has to do with the twilight series. come check them out!

cullen's family are very cool... i lve it...

Haha I run with the wolves. ;] And it's all Jacob's fault.

warewolves are okay but vampires (not just any vampire ...just the cullens) are cool. the cullens are nice vegetarian vampire, protecting human lives.

VAMPIRES RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WEREWOLVES SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

vampires rule and edward is so hooooooooot

imma werepire. lol

vampire hands downof course i love wearwolves their cool too but vampires more.

vampires of course . though werewolves are cool but id love to belong to the cullen family . alice would bve a great sister and emmet a great brother. lol and i would love to be edwards bella . im in love with him

i LOVE the vamps most, vited them, but i like werewolves too, they do the right thing, and they save Bella from Laurent, and protect her from Victoria!

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