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I am on disability along with many other Americans, I have four kids, which is a big stressor during the holidays. Being paid once a month with barely enough left over after paying bills, We need lay-a-way at least a few months before Christmas. Wal-mart makes a lot of money off of people like me, it's the least they could do.
Walmart knows it needs to bring layaway back. Make our shopping experience easier.
Please bring this back year round, even if it requires a $20 payment every two weeks, this way is a payment is missed the item is taken off layaway right away. It would be a huge help for.the majority of your customers!
When Wal-Mart ended their layaway in 2006. It hurt the middle class most. The same middle class that helps them be where they are at. We are asking to give us a break and bring layaway back year round.
Please bring back year around lay-a-way, living on a 'fixed' income, but still would like to have nice affordable items.
Yes please bring it back!!It is such a big help especially for a family on a budgeted income.
Yes please bring it back!!It is such a big help especially for a family on a budgeted income.
need to bring back layaway all year long..there is things people need through out the year that cant afford to buy out right..Like kitchen stuff..electronics, house hold products,ext..Would be nice to put these things on layaway any time..Working families cant put Christmas and other stuff they need on layaway at would cost a lot of money and only have 3 months to get it out..thank about how much more money walmart would make if we the working people could use layaway all through the year..if a TV goes out in June and just cant buy another one out right why have to wait till the middle of sept. when u have to buy Christmas for your family! cant do both on fixed incomes..BRING BACK ALL YEAR ROUND LAYAWAY PLEASE!!
Please bring it back year round. With a family living on one income it helps tremendously to purchase items.
Bring it back!!!!
Please bring they away back..... It definitely helps large families..... We take advantage of it for Christmas for sure but would be nice year round.
agree I have a large family as well and there is some things needed through out the year that just cant buy out right and layaway would help with the house hold products as well as Christmas..hope this helps..
WalMart took away the layaway program only to bring it back for the holidays with restrictions. Although, WalMart is conveniently located in my area, I end up spending more money on larger items (most with free shipping) at KMart using their layaway program all the while taking advantage of their bargains. Guess my dollar spent isn't worth the paper it's printed on to WalMart.
I think we need the layaway to come back completely. With being a mom it would be nice to have it for school shopping and birthdays.
I am on disability and it would be nice to put items on layaway for my home
Yea definitely bring layaway back this year please.
Yea definitely bring layaway back this year please.
It would help me and others like me who have only a small disability income, if walmart would bring back layaway year round. I could purchase bigger items for my home that i otherwise only wish i could get. It would bring in more money for walmart.
I agree I also get disability and it would be nice to put items on layaway. Would be a great help maybe then I could afford to buy things for my home.
I think Walmart should bring back layaway for working families in this terrible economy. It was great to purchase things all year around without breaking your bank account paying as you go. Please walmart bring layaway all year around.
Walmart need to have layaway all year round and you should be able to put clothes big kids don't need toys and same with little kids they need clothes to how much toys do kids need.people can't afford thongs when there jobless and need to have layaway all year round. the people out you want them to shop there so help them
Yes walmart should have layaway all year round..... people can't afford thongs anymore like they used to. ... and clothes should be allowed on layaway older kids don't play with toys and even little kids Need clothes too... how much toys can kids use...
layaway is what sam wall wanted for his customer so they could get merchandise during the year. it is so nice do get what you need doing the for children and family and friend leave no room for we need during the year andy
I think walmart should have layaway all year. the way people can't fine jobs we need somewhere we can go get things for our homes and kids.come on walmart help us out.
PLease bring back the payaway.
Last year was great being able to get my kids great presents with walmart layaway I want to be able to do it this year also.
Please bring layaway back! We want to buy our mom her 1st big screen tv, we can't afford to do that without layaway. Layaway makes many dreams come true at Christmas.
Yes I do need year round layaway back at Walmart. I agree they aren't that family oriented if they can't bring it back. Kmart is gonna take all their customers due to they have the year round layaway. I'm a single mother of three and the layaway program works great for me. Without the layaway my kids would really have nothing. PLEASE BRING IT BACK...
I totally agree I have 4 kids and can't afford to buy expensive gifts for them with out a layaway program Walmart was great when it had layaway I could get school clothes and Christmas all there and not really have to shop anywhere else when I was able to lay the stuff away!!! Layaway needs to be brought back and not just for certain departments for the whole store!!!
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