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werewolf , vampire or half human half vampire??

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 what would you rather be ????????

me i would  choose vampire !!! VAMPIRES ROCK !!!!! I LOVE VAMPIRES!!!! I WOULD LOVE TO BE ONE IT IS  SOO COOL!

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OMG!! i LOVE renesmee because, me and her relate SOOOOOOO much!!!!! we're both 1/2 human and 1/2 vampire and we're both in love with werewolfs!!!!!!!!!!
Being renesmee would be soooooooo cool! I'd be able to in the sun and have supernatural powers...
what if i am half human half vampire)hybrid) wat do i do!!! i just figured out
i think there's suck a thing as half vampire and half were wolve. But i am in love with another vampire. His name is eric.
vampires are sooooo cool!!!!!!!!! i'm already half vamp sooo ya
shuttup you're not half vamp. -_-

i would like to be a vampire but my friend told me no since im already half... but VAMPIRE definately!!!!!!!! I LOVE EDWARD CULLEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My friend is half human half vampire. How do I cure her from being a vampire.

I think werewolves are cool but I'm for vampires all the way ,for a 36 year old women true blood is my favorite show and bill and sookie is my two favorite couple characters on there!

vampire FTW

Me= Vampire lover

vampires rule i love vampires !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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