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Who do reckon is hotter?

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i love black he is so hotttt
Taylor (in my opinion) is hotter than all of them Kellan would've probably been my second choice.
if there was a 7th option not related to twilight and to Moonlight instead i would pick Alex O'Loughlin.i think he's WAY HOTTER then every dude on the voting list!!!!!!!!!! i even made a voting thing to see who's hotter,Alex O'Loughlin or Robert Pattinson?plz come and vote!!!!!!! :D
Everyone thinks that Rob is the hottest because of his relationship with Bella, but please... Kellan is soo much hotter than him in the movie. Hah sorry Edward, but Emmett beat you on the hotness scale in the movie!!!
Well Carlisle (hello mr. July...anyone who has the calendar will understand) was the only I acctually screamed for when he walked on the screen, but that may be becuase I couldn't contain it anymore...and Jacob is hott as but a couple years younger (hey toy boy).....but EMMET!I love emmet! His personality his looks...Emmet Girl all the way!
duhh...taylor is.. rob's only cute in the movie.
Hotty Rob All The Wayy x

robbie all the way!!!!

Everyone is saying Edward, and don't get me wrong he is hot. But every time Jasper was in the scene I couldn't take eyes off him!

i agree. :] i couldn't even breath when i saw Jasper on screen.

eeeeeeeewwwwwww, who wood pik jackson??? rob's WAY hotter!!!

I was really stuck between Hot Rob (Edward) and Jackson (Jasper) I chose Jackson (Jasper) cos he reminded me of Edward Scissorhands and let's face it no-one's hotter than Johnny Depp

Amen sister!!!! Johnny Depp all the way!!

I chose Robert cuz he is like soooo smoking!!!!!


i ended up choosing Jackson. he is really really sexy.

They are all sexy in my opinion!i need an option that says "all".lol

Cam Gigandet is hottest, not as James, well kinda...but as himself. So out of the options listed it would be Rob, Kellan, Taylor, Peter, Jackson. But Cam should be on the list, and Michael Copon on the New Moon "Who Is Hotter" list....coming soon I'm sure

i love all the cullens!!!! but to me Robert Pattinson is the most gorgeous!!!

aLL ThE cuLLens r HOT!!
here's the chart LoL by me: RobErT, JacKsoN, peTeR, 'n LasT buT noT LeasT, KeLLan XD

if i may say so i think they are all hot but if i had to say it would go like this EMMET CULLEN,JACOB BLACK,EDWARD CULLEN,JASPER CULLEN, AND THEN CARLISLE CULLEN

Just Edward to me

Robert Pattinson :)

robert patttinson! <3

ATTENTION EVERYONE!!!!! tonight on TBS during Underworld commercials interviews of Rob P.and Kirsten S. from the Twilight movie will be taking place so everyone tell your friends and spread the news!!! It comes on at 10:00pm in Jacksonville, Florida.

rob...even tho i do like kellan
but rob he is a sex bomb

sex bomb, sex bomb, he's our sex bomb! ahahaha.

ROBERT PATTINSON he is perfect for the part of Edward

both tay;or and robert are cute. i dont know which to chose. they are both cute. but from the book it would be edward and from the movie it would be both

my vote is from the books NOT the movie becuase if it was the movie it would be Jacub :P

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