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who should play Jacob Black?

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Who would make a better Jacob Black?                             



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i think it's more believable, and also he is tall and Taylor is kinda Shot.
i will never regret that steven isn't playing him,he so more jacob

jacob is so sexy and its kinda to late to change the charator now dont ya think so....

Jacobs Nature the whole way through the series has been soft and kind. Its just a simple and obvious choice to pick Taylor for this a) because in the end he does get together with a two year old b) The whole time ive read the series i had pictured Taylor in my head filling Jacob and any other way would most likely make me not watch the movies c) Stevens face is MUCH too hard to ever pass as soft, caring and loving.
Re-read the scene in Twilight when Bella and Jacob are walking along La Push and then Watch the movie again...No-one can or will ever replace Taylor for this. He was made for the role :)

and FYI ladies, The decision has been made anyway [they announced it weeks ago] Taylor WILL be playing Jacob :)

Have any of you fourteen year old girls read the twilight series??
Jacob's body ages rapidly into a 25 year old man's. Taylor's a cute-y but there's no possible way he could pass for a sexy 25 year old man, like Steven. (even though he's only 22)
And if you actually look at them, and take of your rose colored glasses, they have similar facial features.

Taylor all the Fricken way!!!! He's soooooo hot!!!! He is right for the part and if it wasn't taylor I still wouldn't want strait to play jacob!! Taylor's perfect and he was already in Twilight so if they did which they already doesn't taylor is but there ratings would go down because he already was him so it wouldn't fool anyone!! LOVE you Taylor!!!

taylor <3

it can´t be!!!!!! all my friends and their friends we doesn´t agree that change taylor for steven please don´t do it

I admite that when I was reading New Moon I tried to imagine Jacob in my head and I inmediately thought in Warren Peace (a caracter played by Steven in Sky High) and I thought that he was perfect to play Jacob, but actually I think that they are alike because when I saw the trailers of Twilight I really thought that Steven was playing the caracter of Jacob, so it's not a big diference it's just that Steven is bigger than Taylor and that's what they need in the new movie but I also think that if Taylor got the caracter first it is unfair that now that Jacob is going to be so important in the movie he will be replaced. And also I like him to play Jacob and that's why I want him to continue playing Jacob

taylor so cut cute and dreamy

iight, look people it wouldn't be right if they juss done changed the actor of the character that they was already chosen to play.... not only that Taylor is fine as hell iight, gainin 19 pounds off muscle for New Moon made him look good as hell!!! but then again native boiz always stay lookin good....

taylor lautner of course! sooo hot! Steven is ugly! taylor lautner 4ever!

Taylor Lautner´s great!!! I love you, Taylor. I want to be your girlfriend jajajaj y quien no?
Taylor make a better Jacob Black.
Maybe Steven´s very very very.... beautiful.

What type of Picture is that Taylor has way better pictures tahn that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It will be more appropriate if the role will be given to Michael Copon for the New Moon. He's hot to be Jacob- the grown up.
Taylor is short,too young, and not a hunk for the next.

Steven Strait for sure!!

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IT's all about Taylor Launter baby! :P

taylor !

Steven Strait is like so hot.
But I`m like so in love with Taylor, expecially because he plays Jacob Black.
Keep goin` on, you rock.

Chase Crawford!!

Ok, Correct me if I'm incorrect. But isn't Jacob Black supposed to br beautiful?
Chase Crawford would be the perfect look!
And if he's a little too tanned, just chuck some make-up on him. He'll be used to it from Gossip Girl. xD

Xx. k

Chase Crawford?????? what the heck??? did u read twilight?? Chase Crawford is a pretty boy from gossip girl... who has BLOND HAIR and BLUE EYES!! he would not make a good jacob! jacobs suppost to be indian. duhhhhh

Robert is stil no.1 though!!

Even though i dnt like jacob in the book i will mke a exception to taylor cus he is soo cute.

Steven Strait is wayy HOTT but Taylor is looking good so far.

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i like steven strait better but taylor i think might fit the role cuz hes young amd steven dont look like no 15/16 year old

I chose Taylor because I already put effort into not liking him anymore for playing Jacob. Besides Steven Strait is so friggin' HOTT. I love him, so he can't Jacob.

id rather strait than launter ugh but id rather choose neither they both suck monkey balls

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