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hillary is brilliant, experienced, strong, powerful, and a woman. she isnt abrasive, she is resilient and i truly believe that she would be the best person to get our country back on track.

Obama, because I have turned the page on the old politics. At least with Obama I have some HOPE of change, not that anything WILL change soon. But we have to start sometime.

cause she will be better then obama

I am slightly reluctantly leaning toward Barack Obama this year. My reasoning is as follows:
1) John McCain does not endorse a national health care program.
2) John McCain has not defined a clear set of goals for Iraq and the circumstances under which our troops will come home.
3) I would dearly like to see some change in Washington and am looking forward to the day when elected officials serve their constituents instead of using their positions to plan for their early & wealthy retirement and I believe that Barack will do more to promote change than Hillary Clinton.

My only reluctance at this point is that Barack needs to grow some balls between now and November 4th to receive my emphatic support.

He needs to be more agressive and show me that "he's got the right stuff". Leading requires more than just making intelligent decisions and saying inspiring words. I don't have any doubts that John McCain would pick up a gun and lead the charge into battle and believe Hillary has the stuff too. I just have my doubts about Mr. Obama at this point in time as to his courage under fire.

clinton because she stand for all women..she is proof that women can lead a country. she has experience being at her husbands side for 8 years during his terms. shes hard working, and if she ever needs advice, i'm sure her husband will give his opinion.

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