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Veronica Mars MUST continue on!

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Submitted by Veronica M. on Tue, 08/14/2007 - 19:26.
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There is a campaign going on for this issue - Check it out

we would like see 4th season. Please back Veronica Mars!!!

please continue Veronica.... She`s the best

please bring it back!!! I am too late to give it my rateings now but I have in the last 5 days I have seen every eplisode put out there. I have told over 50 people about it and they want to barrow the show from my friends. I am sure if we all put the word out there it can be big it was the greatest show ever!!!!

I love this show!!!!!!!!! please bring it back, it will be great!!

Yes, please continue

Bring Veronica Mars back! Maybe like One Tree Hill´s 5th season or at least movie!!!

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE bring veronica mars back! there are so many people here in aus. that love it. Don't disapoint!

Bring Veronica Mars back. Lots of stupid shows out there, this was a first rate, good one.

veronica mars sounds like a drug for me give me the end

please make another season PLEASE

at least give us a movie for some closure!! taking it off the air completely is NOT right!

bring it back for the people that can barely live without it

freaking yes!

let the show get back

It's a really good show! Kepp it

I LOVE Veronica Mars .. however i havent been able to watch her for a while. I would be really upset if the show ended for good. It hasn't been canceled ... has it???

I want Veronica, Logan, Wallace, Weevil, Keith... BACK!!!!! But all together!

More Veronica please!

we want fourth seasons.We can pay too.ITALIA

I would submit that a fourth season of veronica mars.I love Veronica Mars

I love veronica mars and I would submit that a fourth season.....please............

I PVR the episodes on my dish so I can watch them! I want a 4th season cause I can pretty much recite each episode so please bring a 4th season to us please!!!

We need to bring back Veronica Mars. It was probably the best show I have ever seen. I looked forward to watching it every single week. The way its written and the way they perform is of such a high caliber that maybe people weren't ready for it, but I BEG you to bring it back. A lot of times when a show is brought back is bigger and better so give VM a chance. I miss Kristen Bell!!!! The CW lost an amazing show when they dropped VM, stop letting go of the great shows!!

I wish to have Veronica Mars back on. It was quite enjoyable for a change.

The seasons 1 and 2 was amazing, the 3th could have been better, but the 4th... have u ever seen worse? I'm a die hard fan, but take a look on youtube, after u'll understand why the network cancelled the show... I'm not agree with any form continuing the story, i LoVe VM and all the characters... without Logan, Keith, Wallace, Weevil, nothing never be the same!

Veronica Mars was too amazing, too great, MAGIC, since veronica mars'ending i don't watch TV any more, there isn't a day or an hour without i think to veronica mars and at my many questions about Neptune that we may never get answered... Please, bring back Veronica Mars, I plead you...

bring VM back...It is the best

If you want more VM -- you better check out the NEPTUNE RISING group! 

They are a group of great VM fans, who actually care about ACTIVELY getting more VM!!! 

They are doing some pretty awesome things, but NEED more support, so don't just complain about getting more VM!


BRING VM BACK,please. i'm  addicted to this show.


Veronica Mars is'nt finished. We need a season 4 (and 5 etc.) If that's not possible the least you have to do is make a movie for all the loose ends in season 3, we need to know what happened after!!

This show has a lot of fans, we want Veronica Mars back!!!!