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We are a nation obsessed with having "stuff" and living in a throw-away society. Many people believe if we have "stuff" we will be happy, envied, and fulfilled. Is this really true? In most cases certainly not. We live in a disposible society where attitudes exist that when something breaks it's no big deal we'll just buy a new one. Or when a new version of some gadget is released we run out to get the latest and greatest leaving our old devices to gather dust.


Reducing your personal consumption will contribute to a more eco-friendly, simple, and, dare we say, a happier lifestyle. By not buying anything new, except for food, essential toiletries, and items for safety and health, will counteract the negative global environmental and social economic impacts of U.S. consumer culture.

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Borrowing, Bartering or Buying used.
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Trying not to buy anthing new in 2007.
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im a fan of technology

im a fan of technology gadget spcially about music, but sad to say dont have enough mula to buy that kind of stuff. trying to work hard and hope i could own someday.

Peg, glad to hear you have

Peg, glad to hear you have some old computers that you want to donate. My only comment is remember to clean the hard drive personal data since you do not know who will be receiving the computers.

Thanks MaryBeth, we have old

Thanks MaryBeth, we have old computers and elctronics that are obsolete but someone may want them for the parts or to rehab. I think Goodwill would just toss them.

The web site

The web site seems pretty cool. I will have to check it out.

This is great. I have an

This is great. I have an electric stove that just needs a heating element in the oven. Otherwise it works great. Any takers?

Mary Beth, Can you

Mary Beth, Can you periodically update the list of barter websites in the "Learn More" section so we can see what people are using. If you could list them with their or Alexa rankings that'd be great as it could show which ones are more active.

There is a somewhat new site

There is a somewhat new site called A neighborrow-hood is a group of people willing to share items such as books, movies, CDs, tools; even information, photos, recipes (ANYTHING that can be shared legally) with one another. People within a neighborrow-hood can also trade items and share the cost of buying new items. Two types of neighborrow-hoods exist, "physical" and "virtual." For "physical" public neighborrow-hoods you must live, work, or physically, "be there" in some way. Virtual public neighborrow-hoods will form around common interests or other common threads.

I have been using this for

I have been using this for about a year. Recently i got an entertainment unit for basement from a Freecycle user which would have cost me $189 if I bought new. I am not only helping the environment but also saving some cash.

I just talked to a friend of

I just talked to a friend of mine at the bus stop this morning who uses freecycle. It seems to be catching on. Are there other active communities like freecycle that anyone here is aware of?

Thanks for sharing this

Thanks for sharing this site. Great site!

FreeCycle is a great idea

FreeCycle is a great idea for getting rid of unwanted items that could be used by somebody else. The other alternative is to give to Goodwill, this is how I "Recycle" useable items.

Just last week a friend of

Just last week a friend of mine told me about this site. He offers up all his old computer stuff. Very cool.

wow thats really cool hope

wow thats really cool hope he could give me one of his computer.

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