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Stop Domain Name Parking and Cybersquatting

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To ICANN President and CEO, Dr. Paul Twomey We, the undersigned, are concerned about domain name parking abuse and request that ICANN revisit the Anti-Cyberssquatting Consumer Protection Act and the Trademark Cyberpiracy Prevention Act to ensure that a domain names that are parked would be available for sale at a price tag that would not be considered extortion. We request that ‘Cybersquatting’ issues be discussed, reviewed and formalized this year into a written law to help stop the continuation of domain parking as an extortionist means that cause legitimate businesses to pay high price for the domain name.
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I'd like to see this parasitic practice put to an end. Signed, Sam.
Parking a small nonprofits organization domain name and selling for $3000. This should definitely be illegal.
I am a small game server host with simple intentions. A domain we used to use was recently parked, and their MINIMUM asking price is $1,000!!! That should be illegal!
It has got so bad that now even misspelled .com domains are being squatted. Cyber squatting is severely damaging the internet and the ability for new imaginative websites to be created.
Internet registrars have created a defacto illegal pricing scheme by allowing domain names to be parked in their systems for FREE. They then offer to 'facilitate' a trade, for a commission of course, with the parker. How is this even remotely legal??? It effectively means that no interesting name can ever be purchased for its fair list price. This is egregious price fixing if there ever has been such a thing and should be COMPLETELY illegal.
It is becoming increasingly more diffcult to develope/register a name that can tie into a web url. When I develope a brand, the A record is useally owned by a parked domain, effectivly having no positive benefit for the rest of humanity.
Perhaps domain re-selling should be managed via ICANN, where there would be a maximum fee of say $15 to sell/transfer the domain, and a large fine for any violations. That would make it not worth it for wannabe entrepreneurs who park domains. But whatever the solution, there would still be many ways around - for example selling a "business" that comes with the free web address you are looking for, or selling a piece of paper with abstract scribble on it for $70k and including a free web address with it, etc.
Functional website or lose the domain name. This is RIDICULOUS. $4,000... $120,000... $75,000... Such a waste. Just keep adding confusing suffixes, great job Twomey.
I REALLY hate this. I have 4 domains I tried to get...all registered in 2006 and NEVER used. This has to be illegal!!!
The point of domain names is to be able to obtain a domain name that fits an individual or business need. It is NOT to be able to bulk-register every domain name that matches what somebody might want then sell those off to the highest bidder. Please take steps to stop this dispicable practice.
There seems a simple answer. To register a Domain name you need to prove you own the trade mark of that name. Trade mark laws and Domain name ownership need to work together. Our brand is trade marked in many countries but a creep registered the .com many years ago. Nina R
This is actually not a viable solution. Not every business actually trademarks thier business name (if they should or not is another discussion). And of course individuals do not trademark their names, side-business, or blog ideas. Current laws do provide fairly straight-forward paths to seizing a domain name that violates any trademark. Domain registrars are in-tune with these laws. The problem is cyber-squatting on every possible non-trademark name out there in hopes that some sucker will shell out for a "premium" name ("premium" meaning only that you did not think of it before the cybersquatter did)
What kind of sleezy, non-contributing greaseballs park domains for nothing but their selfish, hand-wrenching, mwahaha!, profiteering pleasure? No, really; I'd like to know, so that I can add it to my profile list in my Psychology thesis.
Why don’t they simply make a domain name like a gold lease. You must work it or lose it. Simple give everyone 12 months to make it a fully working web site or you forfeit the name and it becomes available again. Everyone wins, the domain name people get extra revenue, and the general public get the chance to buy domain names that suit their business. Taking a domain name out of circulation benefits no one and restricts the true value of the Internet
This is a fantastic idea! But "fully working" needs to be qualifed a bit further. For example, the lease language would need to exclude a cyber-squatter putting up a website advertising to sell you a "premium" domain name! Bottom line is a domain name is already a don't actually own the name unless you keep paying for it. Now let's make it that you can't keep owning the domain if you don't actually keep using it.
My actual name is parked and they want hundreds of dollars for it, and its just parked. This is so wrong ... if it was being used that's one thing, but its simple parked. Thanks for the theft
Companies that sale domain names for millions of dollars continually try to explain that there is a difference between squatting and parking, there is clearly no difference between the two and anyone with half a brain can see that.
I believe that any person/entity interested in purchasing a domain may only do so if provide a service through it. Whether that be a blog to inform people, or a portfolio for your business. Domain squatting is ruining the internet. It's becoming similar to the situation with the housing market.
It is unfair! But more than unfair, it is killing the whole domain registration process. Not only cybersquatters, but companies that snap up dozens of names across all tld's make obtaining a good domain name almost impossible. TLD standards need to be enforced (for example, .net is only for network providers and .org only for organizations) -- and cybersquatters need to be stopped by ending auctions. ICANN should immediately release any domain name that shows up as "for auction", since there is no value in a domain name other than extortion. Domain names that remain "parked" for more than 3 months should also be automatically released back into circulation. If somebody is not legitimately using a domain name, they have no right to keep others from doing so.
I'm no professional, but it seems unfair to me that domains go unused just because of greed...
Could not agree more... :) Here is my petition to add to the cause..
The Domain Name Server (DNS) is the Achilles heel of the Web. The important thing is that it's managed responsibly. Tim Berners-Lee
It's wrong that people can hold domain names hostage. THIS IS NOT A REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT! It's just words, and everyone should have the right to use any words they choose without having to pay for it. It's called FREEDOM OF INFORMATION, and it's my first amendment right to free speech that is being blocked!!!
Not to say that I agree with domain parking, but it's so much like an investment in real estate that it's hard to say it's illegal. Ok, so some guy asks you for $500 for a domain that normally costs $30. That guy spent those $30 5 years ago and continued to pay an annual fee for that "real estate". To me, that sounds very much like your typical investment. That's like buying a piece of land in the middle of nowhere and waiting for the nearest city to grow so your land's value will increase. Somehow nobody complains about the cost of land. At some point land was free, so why is it that you pay tens of thousands of $$$$ for a piece of land to build a house on? What, are you going to sue the guy who owned the land because he bought it before you did even though he didn't build a house there? When you own something you have the right to do whatever you want with it. I can charge 10 million dollars for 2 square feet of dirt in front of my house. I'm not forcing anybody to buy the land at that cost. If somebody invests, then it's probably worth it. Same deal with domain names. Now, to get back to the point, I don't like the practice of domain name parking and I think the only way of stopping it is to increase the yearly fee to a point where they cannot afford to sustain such a high number of domains. Then, the domain parkers would have to charge even more in order to keep their business profitable. And when that happens, when somebody asks for 10.000 or 20.000 for a domain name, it's actually cheaper for the end-user to buy the next-best-domain-name and then invest in Adwords.
Domain parking should be treated just like license plates for cars; they are for identification purposes only, and are up for re-use when not re-registered. Domain Parking is tantamount to racketeering. A site name is hijacked and turn-around to be sold to the highest bidder. If a domain is not being legally held in connection with a direct business associated with the site, whether commercial or personal, then it should be legally available just as a non-existing domain name. Imagine if all the millionaires and corporations and went out buying out stores of the most in-demand products and began reselling them at 10 or 100 times the cost. Or imagine if they applied domain parking to baby names and hearing the government office say "We're sorry, that name is already taken however, the owner is willing to sell it because they had a girl instead of a boy and it is no longer needed."
domain parking is **** spam
I just purchased a new .com name only to find there is a .us site being used and appears to have copyright on name and site appears to be doing well. So now from what I read I really can not use the site because I sell similar stuff. I also read that if I even offer the site to the other company I will be considered a cybersquater. wtf! Ok maybe I should have researched the name better. I'm I just stuck with the site that I can't use or sell. really cool name and I just grabbed it before researching. Any suggestions? The other guy had a chance to buy it just like this a "snnoze u lose" for them or am I screwed
You're confusing "cybersquatting" with investing in virtual real estate.. When a real estate investor buys a tract of vacant land but doesn't develop or build on it.. does this mean he is squatting.? communist thoughts..
I agree that cybersquatting needs to be addressed. I don't think there needs to be a numeric limit, but a simple solution is that if you don't actively use a domain then it should be released into the public after a period of time.
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