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To Continue writing MIDNIGHT SUN 5 years 10 weeks ago
What if Bella...5 years 10 weeks ago
which twilight movie r u most looking forward to?5 years 11 weeks ago
Should Dakota Fanning act as Jane in New Moon??5 years 11 weeks ago
Ren├ęsmee Carlie or Edward Jacob??5 years 11 weeks ago
Is Ashley Greene and Jackson Rathbone Dating???5 years 11 weeks ago
still LOVING twilight?5 years 11 weeks ago
would you ever stop loving twilight5 years 11 weeks ago
Which Twilight Vampire is the HOTEST????5 years 11 weeks ago
edward cullen greatest vampire of all time!?5 years 11 weeks ago
Dakota Fanning in New Moon5 years 11 weeks ago
Chris Weitz as director for New Moon5 years 11 weeks ago
What's your fav thing about Edward?5 years 12 weeks ago
should there be a twilight mag5 years 12 weeks ago
Do you hate miley or love miley?5 years 12 weeks ago
Robert Pattinson over the years.5 years 12 weeks ago
Kirsten Dating....5 years 12 weeks ago
rob best to play edward in twilight !?5 years 12 weeks ago
I pledge to love Robert forever and forever I pledge to love Robert forever and forever no matter what happens to him i will give my heart to him if he ever needs it to live i will give him a kidney if he needs one5 years 12 weeks ago
MIDNIGHT SUN and more of Edward's thoughts 5 years 13 weeks ago
Twilight Series Men5 years 13 weeks ago
In what ways do u love Robert pattinson5 years 13 weeks ago
Mick St. John vs Edward Cullen5 years 13 weeks ago
And the Oscar Goes to: Heath Ledger5 years 13 weeks ago
Which car of Twilight movie do you prefer?5 years 13 weeks ago
Continuing the twilight saga.5 years 13 weeks ago
Bring Edward Cullen into the Real world5 years 13 weeks ago you think he's HOTT!?!?5 years 13 weeks ago
Ending of Breaking Dawn5 years 13 weeks ago
Renesmee???5 years 13 weeks ago
Breaking Dawn - Charlie??5 years 13 weeks ago
what is your fave twilight quote?5 years 13 weeks ago
south of nowhere vs. degrassi5 years 13 weeks ago
Rosalie, Alice or Jasper???5 years 13 weeks ago
EdwardI pledge to love Edward forever and for always and never forget him no matter how long I live.5 years 13 weeks ago
What Is Your Fav. Twilight Book5 years 13 weeks ago
twilight characters5 years 13 weeks ago
FINISH MIDNIGHT SUN!5 years 13 weeks ago
What part of the movie Twilight is your favorite?5 years 13 weeks ago
New Moon?5 years 13 weeks ago
see robert pattinson in real life what you do 5 years 14 weeks ago
Kristen Stewart needs acting lessons5 years 14 weeks ago
Keep Taylor Lautner for New Moon5 years 14 weeks ago
New Moon [the movie]5 years 14 weeks ago
do you think kristin and robert make a cute couple5 years 15 weeks ago
No Midnight Sun BECAUSE of what we have said?5 years 15 weeks ago
Robert Pattinson style5 years 15 weeks ago
Make a movie for ALL of the Twilight books.i am asking for people to sign this pledge so we can make sure that Summit Entertainment makes a movie for All of the Twilight books.5 years 15 weeks ago
Favorite James Bond5 years 15 weeks ago
Make a 5th twilight book5 years 16 weeks ago
Who would you like as your boyfriend ???5 years 16 weeks ago
Which TWILIGHT song do u love th most?????5 years 16 weeks ago
should we see robert pattinson more on tv ??5 years 16 weeks ago
we need more books after midnight sun !5 years 16 weeks ago
are you obsessed with twilight ??5 years 16 weeks ago
are you obsessed with edward cullen??5 years 16 weeks ago
whats your fav couple!?5 years 16 weeks ago
which power would you like to have!!??5 years 16 weeks ago
we should have more twilight books5 years 16 weeks ago
rob pattinson cut his hair!!5 years 16 weeks ago
Who would you like to have a piece of????5 years 16 weeks ago
Which world would you like to live in?5 years 16 weeks ago
did you hate Edward when he left Bella 5 years 16 weeks ago
WHO IS HOTTER?!!!!! (TWILIGHT)5 years 16 weeks ago
Bella or Rosalie??5 years 16 weeks ago
twilight movie characters5 years 16 weeks ago
breaking dawn?? like nessie???5 years 16 weeks ago
Bella Vampire5 years 16 weeks ago
WHICH CULLEN DO YOU PREFER?5 years 16 weeks ago
Twilight - Alice or Rosalie?5 years 16 weeks ago
Which Twilight Qoute is better???5 years 16 weeks ago
Save the Midnight Sun5 years 17 weeks ago