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Auburn or Alabama3 years 28 weeks ago
Eclipse!!!!! Did you like it??3 years 35 weeks ago
Rumors spreading4 years 12 weeks ago
Wear your Twilight Shirts this Friday !4 years 22 weeks ago
Stop puppy mills!!!!!4 years 27 weeks ago
My dog is missing and I don't know wat to do!!!4 years 35 weeks ago
What Religion do you think isn't right????????????4 years 47 weeks ago
Save the Mexicans!!!!!!!!!!!!5 years 7 weeks ago
To love Twilight forever5 years 7 weeks ago
If you could be in a Twilight Saga book which one 5 years 17 weeks ago
Who lykes the Twilight Saga?5 years 18 weeks ago
Do u want Midnight Sun out?5 years 18 weeks ago
Which Twilight book do you like the best?5 years 18 weeks ago
Anyone who luves animals sign this5 years 18 weeks ago
Which one?5 years 18 weeks ago
We can help5 years 19 weeks ago
We need to step it up5 years 19 weeks ago
Stop Animal abuse NOW !!!!!!!!!!5 years 19 weeks ago

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Too friendly3 years 35 weeks ago
Which twilight Character would you be?3 years 35 weeks ago
Ashley Green should've been casted as Bella.3 years 35 weeks ago
Who's your favorite Cullen?3 years 35 weeks ago
Eclipse The Movie3 years 35 weeks ago
Is flirting cheating4 years 1 week ago
Help Midnight Sun4 years 1 week ago
Who is better Miley or Demi?4 years 1 week ago
There Should Be a Twilihgt Twilight TV Show4 years 1 week ago
Dog The Bounty Hunter On Monday Night Raw4 years 1 week ago
twi- haters4 years 1 week ago
THE JONAS BROTHERS4 years 1 week ago
Midnight Sun has to come out!!!!!!4 years 3 weeks ago
its a twilight star's b-day!4 years 3 weeks ago
True Blood or Twilight4 years 3 weeks ago
Bella as a vampire in 'Breaking Dawn'4 years 3 weeks ago
Taylor Lautner or Steven Strait in Eclipse?4 years 3 weeks ago
Who liked the New Moon movie?4 years 3 weeks ago
who is better AnnaSophia Robb or Dakota Fanning4 years 5 weeks ago
Stop China's Dog Fur FactoriesStop China's Dog Fur Factories4 years 5 weeks ago
stop using dogs as shark baitstop using dogs as shark bait4 years 5 weeks ago
Stop animal cruelty!!Stop animal cruelty!!4 years 5 weeks ago
Who's the hottest?4 years 5 weeks ago
Which celebrity are you tired of seeing on t.v??4 years 5 weeks ago
Miley vs. Selena and Demi4 years 9 weeks ago
Which JoBro do u like?4 years 9 weeks ago
Robert Pattinson over the years.4 years 9 weeks ago
Should Joe Jonas date Camilla?4 years 9 weeks ago
I will not wear real furI pledge that I will not wear real fur.4 years 12 weeks ago
Will 2012 Be The End Of Mankind?4 years 13 weeks ago
IQ tests4 years 13 weeks ago
Who do you think should play Jacob Black in Eclips4 years 16 weeks ago
A i gay if i read twilight? Ps I have 7 times. 4 years 16 weeks ago
Does Barack Obama sound like The Rock.Does Obama Sound like the Rock or not? ... You Choose
4 years 25 weeks ago
Twilight over load!!!!!4 years 26 weeks ago
to continute the Twilight Saga4 years 26 weeks ago
Save Guiding Light...its the oldest soap opera out4 years 26 weeks ago
Would you ask out your crush?4 years 26 weeks ago
Which Twilight guy is hotter?4 years 34 weeks ago
Should pits be banned in some states?4 years 34 weeks ago
Do you get on with your siblings4 years 47 weeks ago
Who Is Right? The Church, Science or Both?4 years 47 weeks ago
Keep God in school/government4 years 50 weeks ago
JOE JONAS ADDICTZ5 years 7 weeks ago
Do you think Joe Jonas is a jerk?5 years 7 weeks ago
I LOVE JOE JONAS5 years 7 weeks ago
Joe Jonas long hair,short hair or Joe-hawk?5 years 7 weeks ago
Stay away Jonas brothers! 5 years 7 weeks ago
Which New Moon Character would you audition for?5 years 7 weeks ago
TWILIGHT which character is your favorite5 years 7 weeks ago
the jonas brothers and New Moon sound track5 years 7 weeks ago
Should abortion be illegal5 years 7 weeks ago
Do you hate Alice?5 years 7 weeks ago
Do u want Midnight Sun out?5 years 12 weeks ago
Edward and Bellalove Edward and Bella...Forever5 years 17 weeks ago
Fair to us and Stephenie Meyer?5 years 18 weeks ago
Who's your favorite Twilight character?5 years 18 weeks ago
Twilight Fans!!!5 years 18 weeks ago
Which Twilight Character are you?5 years 18 weeks ago
WHICH CULLEN DO YOU PREFER?5 years 18 weeks ago
More Twilightwe need more twilight5 years 18 weeks ago
do u find my votes annoying????????5 years 18 weeks ago
Which Twilight book do you like the best?5 years 18 weeks ago
Chase's MemorialChase's Memorial5 years 18 weeks ago
love twilght forever???I PLEDGE TO LOVE TWILIGHT FOREVER AND EVER NO MATTER WHAT>!5 years 18 weeks ago
which couple from twilight is your favorite5 years 18 weeks ago
Which one?5 years 18 weeks ago
We Want A Fifth Twilight Book !!!5 years 18 weeks ago
What is your favourite saying in the Twilight saga5 years 18 weeks ago
Save the Midnight Sun5 years 18 weeks ago
Pick the Obama Family Dog5 years 19 weeks ago
Save Jericho!5 years 19 weeks ago
Twilight - Jacob or Edward?5 years 19 weeks ago
Make a movie for ALL of the Twilight books.i am asking for people to sign this pledge so we can make sure that Summit Entertainment makes a movie for All of the Twilight books.5 years 19 weeks ago
ANIMAL ABUSEANIMAL ABUSE5 years 19 weeks ago
was the TWILIGHT movie any good?5 years 19 weeks ago
Make a 5th twilight book5 years 19 weeks ago
Stop Animal Testing (aka. torture for animals)5 years 19 weeks ago
Which Twilight Qoute is better???5 years 19 weeks ago
WHO'S YOUR FAVOURITE VAMPIRE???????5 years 19 weeks ago
are you like bella swan5 years 19 weeks ago
Stop Animal abuse NOW !!!!!!!!!!5 years 19 weeks ago
Fur is murder.Fur is murder.5 years 19 weeks ago
Stop Crush Videos!Stop Crush Videos!5 years 19 weeks ago
Stop dogs cats and other animals from being killed5 years 19 weeks ago
S.A.A stop animal TestingPetition Pledge5 years 19 weeks ago
Give Animals More Space In ZoosGive Animals More Space In Zoos5 years 19 weeks ago
Harsher laws against animal abuse!Spread the knowledge of animal abuse and how its spreading more everyday.  To also do the best i can to influence the legislators for better animal rights protect animals better.5 years 21 weeks ago