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Garner, North Carolina United States

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Republican Presidential Race 20123 years 35 weeks ago
Presidential Election 20124 years 3 weeks ago
Capitalism or Socialism5 years 37 weeks ago
Mac or PC?6 years 3 weeks ago
do you feel safe with Obama as President?6 years 3 weeks ago
what is your religion?6 years 3 weeks ago
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which Spider-Man movie is best?6 years 4 weeks ago
Lord of the Rings or Narnia?6 years 4 weeks ago
who is better AnnaSophia Robb or Dakota Fanning6 years 19 weeks ago

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Presidential Election 20124 years 3 weeks ago
Capitalism or Socialism5 years 36 weeks ago
FirearmsTo support the 2nd Amendment to the United States Constitution for all time in the interests of preserving our individual liberties.6 years 1 week ago
Pirates of the Caribbean 4: The Fountain of Youth!6 years 1 week ago
HD DVD vs Blu Ray, Blu Ray Winner   .6 years 1 week ago
Marvel heroes6 years 1 week ago
Which Pirates was your favorite?6 years 1 week ago
Harry Potter vs. Twilight6 years 2 weeks ago
Do u have faith????????6 years 4 weeks ago
G-Rated Internet Providers

What do you think?

6 years 4 weeks ago
Which Browser Is Best?6 years 4 weeks ago
do you have a myspace?6 years 4 weeks ago
What do you think of the Facebook updates?6 years 4 weeks ago
do yu think cursing is bad wen commenting a rant??6 years 4 weeks ago
Pirates of the Caribbean 46 years 14 weeks ago
Do you support Sarah Palin for Vice President6 years 14 weeks ago
The Sarah Palin pregnancy6 years 14 weeks ago
Obama vs. Palin6 years 14 weeks ago
Rate the Second Presidential Debate6 years 14 weeks ago
Who Should be President?I support McCain!6 years 14 weeks ago
Bring Back ChristmasI pledge to wish people 'Merry Christmas' durring the holiday season, I will be proud of my traditions and religion. I will celebrate Christmas without fear of being considered politically incorrect! 6 years 18 weeks ago
paying for myspace


6 years 19 weeks ago
Make Social Me an over 18 only application!!!6 years 19 weeks ago
Jessica Alba Movies6 years 19 weeks ago
Obama/Biden or McCain/Palin6 years 19 weeks ago
And the Oscar Goes to: Heath Ledger6 years 26 weeks ago
Iron Man6 years 47 weeks ago
What movie do you like better-SWars or Lord/Rings.6 years 47 weeks ago
Mario vs Megaman- who wins?Pick one! dont choose your favorite, but rather who would win.6 years 47 weeks ago
Boycotting Golden Compass

Take my children to non-athiest films.

7 years 5 weeks ago
Boycott the Boycott of The Golden CompassPetition Pledge7 years 5 weeks ago
Keep God in school/government7 years 5 weeks ago
Put Prayer Back In Public Schools!Put Prayer Back In Public Schools!7 years 5 weeks ago
The Golden Compass Movie ... Don't Watch ItThe Golden Compass Movie ... Don't Watch It7 years 5 weeks ago