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American Idol 8 Favorite5 years 6 days ago
Who's the hottest [male] Vampire in Twilight5 years 21 weeks ago
Is Kristen Stewart right for the role of Bella?5 years 21 weeks ago

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Vampire versus Werewolf4 years 16 weeks ago
Do Vampires Have The Ability To Do Good?4 years 16 weeks ago
Keep God in school/government4 years 16 weeks ago
Robert Pattinson is NOT Edward. Agree? Or not?4 years 16 weeks ago
Who Is Right? The Church, Science or Both?4 years 19 weeks ago
Will 2012 Be The End Of Mankind?4 years 19 weeks ago
Moonlight Movie4 years 19 weeks ago
family guy,south park, simpons,futurama.4 years 19 weeks ago
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A sequel to the Lord of the Rings Trilogy4 years 19 weeks ago
Madonna in New Moon?4 years 19 weeks ago
Sophia Myles for New Moon Irina4 years 19 weeks ago
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FFX-2 Complete CGI MoviePetition Pledge4 years 19 weeks ago
Alice Cullen or Jacob Black?4 years 19 weeks ago
WHO IS PRETTIER!?!?!?!?4 years 19 weeks ago
Bring Edward Cullen into the Real world4 years 19 weeks ago
Rob Pattinson's Music4 years 19 weeks ago
Who is better Miley or Demi?4 years 19 weeks ago
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Taylor Lautner or Steven Strait in Eclipse?4 years 19 weeks ago
SAVE TRAUMA4 years 19 weeks ago
Who liked the New Moon movie?4 years 20 weeks ago
City Of Fallen Angles will you read it?4 years 20 weeks ago
New Xena:Warrior Princess Series4 years 20 weeks ago
vampire novels5 years 1 hour ago
WHO IS HOTTER?!!!!! (TWILIGHT)5 years 4 days ago
Edward VS. JasperThis is where the pledge is supposed to go but I this is where we are going to put NOTHING!5 years 5 days ago
Edward Cullen or one of his brothers?5 years 5 days ago
Who is hot in the twilight movie5 years 5 days ago
Emmett or Jasper or both!!!!!!5 years 5 days ago
Emmet or Jasper?5 years 5 days ago
SHOULD JACOB AND RENESMEE HAVE A BABY???????????5 years 6 days ago
Who's your favorite Twilight character?5 years 6 days ago
which twilight superpower is best????5 years 6 days ago
Who the hottest from all the Twilight books5 years 6 days ago
why dont ppl like twilight5 years 6 days ago
American Idol 8 Favorite5 years 6 days ago
what is your kind of music?5 years 6 days ago
which couple from twilight is your favorite5 years 6 days ago
New Moon [the movie]5 years 1 week ago
Russet noon the new sequel to the twilight saga!5 years 1 week ago
Make a movie for ALL of the Twilight books.i am asking for people to sign this pledge so we can make sure that Summit Entertainment makes a movie for All of the Twilight books.5 years 18 weeks ago
Get a new Bella actress.Should they keep on Kristen Stewert but tell her to get acting lessons???5 years 18 weeks ago
do you have a myspace?5 years 19 weeks ago
Which Twilight Character are you?5 years 19 weeks ago
Which werewolf in Twilight do you like best?5 years 19 weeks ago
WHO'S YOUR FAVOURITE VAMPIRE???????5 years 19 weeks ago
Kristen Stewart needs acting lessons5 years 20 weeks ago
Twilight movie5 years 20 weeks ago
Ending of Breaking Dawn5 years 20 weeks ago
Twilight Movie 5 years 20 weeks ago
did you like the twilight movie- yes or no?5 years 20 weeks ago
TWILIGHT MOVIE5 years 20 weeks ago
was the TWILIGHT movie any good?5 years 20 weeks ago
make more twilight books after midnight sun5 years 21 weeks ago
wonderin which book u like best5 years 21 weeks ago
Twilight: Emmet or Jasper5 years 21 weeks ago
twilight the best book ever?????5 years 21 weeks ago
Twilight "Dorky" ????5 years 21 weeks ago you think he's HOTT!?!?5 years 21 weeks ago
Renesmee or EJ5 years 21 weeks ago
city of bones become a movie?5 years 21 weeks ago
Twilight: Who's your favorite villain?5 years 21 weeks ago
Twilight Fans!!!5 years 21 weeks ago
twilight movie characters5 years 21 weeks ago
Twilight Cover 5 years 21 weeks ago
Robert Pattinson to host SNL?5 years 21 weeks ago
EdwardI pledge to love Edward forever and for always and never forget him no matter how long I live.5 years 21 weeks ago
breaking dawn?? like nessie???5 years 21 weeks ago
Kristen Stewart as Isabella Swan ?????????5 years 21 weeks ago
keep writing?5 years 21 weeks ago
Bellas lullaby 5 years 21 weeks ago
Is Jacob Black annoying???5 years 21 weeks ago
Twilight - Alice or Rosalie?5 years 21 weeks ago
ARE YOU A TWILIGHT FAN?!5 years 21 weeks ago
More Twilightwe need more twilight5 years 21 weeks ago
Pledge urself I pledge to love Twilight forever and ever5 years 21 weeks ago
Renesmee???5 years 21 weeks ago
team edward or team jacob?5 years 21 weeks ago
No Midnight Sun BECAUSE of what we have said?5 years 21 weeks ago
harry potter/twilighti pledge to maybe see it in theatre but it goes as it goes... 5 years 21 weeks ago
volturi5 years 21 weeks ago
Who's the hottest [male] Vampire in Twilight5 years 21 weeks ago
What Is Your Fav. Twilight Book5 years 21 weeks ago
Edward and Bellalove Edward and Bella...Forever5 years 21 weeks ago
Which Twilight Qoute is better???5 years 21 weeks ago
WE NEED A 5TH TWILIGHT BOOK. WHOS WITH ME?5 years 21 weeks ago
Star Wars vs. The Lord of The Rings

Star Wars or The Lord of The Rings

5 years 21 weeks ago
READY FOR THE MOVIE "TWILIGHT"??5 years 21 weeks ago
Save the Midnight Sun5 years 21 weeks ago
Down with all Twilight haters!!!5 years 21 weeks ago
Is Kristen Stewart right for the role of Bella?5 years 21 weeks ago
TWILIGHT or harry potter?5 years 21 weeks ago
WHICH CULLEN DO YOU PREFER?5 years 21 weeks ago
Pirates of the Caribbean 45 years 21 weeks ago
Keep JerichoI will call the head of CBS and request that the show be brought back in an earlier primetime viewing slot if we can get 1,000 votes for jericho, WITHOUT all sorts of spam and inappropriate language, etc. For every inappropriate comment received I will remove 1 vote for my phone call to CBS. In otherwords I am 1,000% serious about calling. I don't want the childish type of inappropriate behavior seen in so many places. I am willing to call CBS, and talk to the highest executive that I can get on the telephone. I am asking for 1,000 people to support me. I would like each and every person who is in favor to show their support by voting.5 years 21 weeks ago
Mick St. John vs Edward Cullen5 years 21 weeks ago
Make a 5th twilight book5 years 21 weeks ago