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Stop the pre-recorded VM after my Greeting2 years 38 weeks ago
Voting Process4 years 28 weeks ago
Calarraga PERFECT Game4 years 50 weeks ago
Who owns Indian Head Rock- Kentucky vs Ohio7 years 7 weeks ago
Induct Yes to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame7 years 10 weeks ago
Microsoft Offer for Yahoo7 years 16 weeks ago
Republican Florida Primary7 years 18 weeks ago
Step Down Bud Selig7 years 19 weeks ago
Sports War on Drugs7 years 20 weeks ago
At Geno's Steaks Please, Order in English7 years 23 weeks ago
Bar Professional Athletes from Hall of Fame7 years 24 weeks ago
Amie Street Featured Weekly Artist Award7 years 24 weeks ago
Alert: Reduce Heart Attacks7 years 26 weeks ago
Tougher Laws for Shooting at Police Officers7 years 27 weeks ago
Reality TV has gone too far7 years 32 weeks ago
Improve Philly's Image- Reduce the Crime Rate7 years 33 weeks ago
Topps Hamburger Recall Alert7 years 34 weeks ago
Boat Discharge Permit Amendment7 years 35 weeks ago
Bond's 756 Home Run Baseball7 years 36 weeks ago
Reduce Teen Drinking7 years 37 weeks ago
Take public transportation to work in Beijing7 years 40 weeks ago
Vote for Harry Potter 7 years 44 weeks ago
Pick it up! Stop littering.8 years 15 weeks ago

Pledged Campaigns

Stop the pre-recorded VM after my Greeting2 years 38 weeks ago
Voting Process4 years 28 weeks ago
Calarraga PERFECT Game4 years 50 weeks ago
Gilmore Girls TV Movie5 years 16 weeks ago
get elizabeth hasselbeck off the view5 years 16 weeks ago
Relaunch the Firefly Petition Pledge5 years 27 weeks ago
Win Your Fantasy Baseball League this YearI pledge to do my best to win my fantasy baseball league this season. I will not tire of the game as the long season progresses regardless of where I am in the standings. I will use as many resources as possible to win. I will check my lineup every day or every week depending on my league rules.6 years 17 weeks ago
Bring Back Larry Mendte6 years 23 weeks ago
Support for Stadium Lights at Bayard Rustin HS6 years 24 weeks ago
Rustin High School - Stadium LightsSupport lights at the Rustin High School stadium by spreading the word about this issue and contacting governmental officials that can make this happen.6 years 25 weeks ago
Save the Midnight Sun6 years 29 weeks ago
VP Candidate for Obain’s Presidential Campaign6 years 31 weeks ago
The Responsible Initiative6 years 31 weeks ago
Mass produce a 100 MPG Car for less than $20,000 6 years 31 weeks ago
Rate the Presidential DebatePretty much a tie.6 years 34 weeks ago
Obama/Biden or McCain/Palin6 years 35 weeks ago
Buffy & Angel Movie6 years 35 weeks ago
Chester County Cyclists against PennDOT6 years 37 weeks ago
Save Mister Rogers' Neighborhood6 years 38 weeks ago
Pledge to Quit Smokingsupport a friend to give up smoking.6 years 41 weeks ago
Alex O'Loughlin/Moonlight Blood Drives To honor Alex O'Loughlin passion for saving lives I show my support for Moonlight Season 2.6 years 42 weeks ago
And the Oscar Goes to: Heath Ledger6 years 44 weeks ago
Save The Trees6 years 45 weeks ago
Sail Around the world with Zac SunderlandTo support Zac's World Wide Adventure.6 years 49 weeks ago
QVC vs HSN - Which One Is Best?7 years 1 week ago
Keep Kids Alive Drive 25Observing the 25-mile per hour speed limit in neighborhoods7 years 1 week ago
Keep P2P Free!!7 years 4 weeks ago
Bring Back Betts for Allman Brothers 40th! 7 years 4 weeks ago
Support Equal Rights for Liveaboard boaters7 years 4 weeks ago
Don't drive on June 25 - enough with gas pricesI pledge not to drive on June 257 years 4 weeks ago
Sellers Leave EbayIf eBay does not change their ways by April 1st I pledge to leave e-bay and move my store to Amazon.  If a majority of eBay subscribers pledge to do this I will send this to the powers that be at e-bay and this will either force them to change their ways or possibly put them out of business.7 years 6 weeks ago
Who owns Indian Head Rock- Kentucky vs Ohio7 years 7 weeks ago
Axl Rose Needs to Release New Album in 2008Axl Rose Needs to Release New Album in 20087 years 8 weeks ago
Induct Yes to the Rock and Roll Hall of FameInduct Yes to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame7 years 10 weeks ago
MOOLIGHT fans want!MOOLIGHT fans want!7 years 11 weeks ago
YouChoose application name 7 years 12 weeks ago
Save Friday Night Lights7 years 13 weeks ago
Save Stage 6Save Stage 67 years 13 weeks ago
Stop the Canadian Baby Seal Slaughter7 years 14 weeks ago
Intruder Shot - Right or Wrong?Do you think Horn should be prosecuted?7 years 15 weeks ago
Colbert For Vice President7 years 15 weeks ago
CollegeVotePetition Pledge7 years 15 weeks ago
Make college transfer easierPetition Pledge7 years 15 weeks ago
We want Beatles Music on iTunesWe want Beatles Music on iTunes7 years 16 weeks ago
Microsoft Offer for Yahoo


7 years 16 weeks ago
Save Scrubs!!Save Scrubs!!7 years 16 weeks ago
keep the O.C alivekeep the O.C alive7 years 17 weeks ago
Republican Florida Primary

I pledge to vote for

7 years 18 weeks ago
Bring back Dog ChapmanBring back Dog Chapman7 years 18 weeks ago
Reject new Mid-Atlantic Transmission CorridorReject new Mid-Atlantic Transmission Corridor7 years 18 weeks ago
Step Down Bud SeligStep Down Bud Selig7 years 19 weeks ago
Boycott Aruba for NataleePetition Pledge7 years 20 weeks ago
Peter Jackson to Direct The HobbitPeter Jackson to Direct The Hobbit7 years 20 weeks ago
Conan's BeardShould Conan keep the beard7 years 20 weeks ago
Should there be Fighting in Hockey


So what's more enjoyable to watch, today's hockey or yesterday's hockey?

7 years 20 weeks ago
Repeat SUPERNATURALPetition Pledge7 years 20 weeks ago
Should Dog Chapman be fired

Should 'Dog the Bounty Hunter' be permanently cancelled?

7 years 20 weeks ago
mandatory internet filters to protect children


Do you want the government to begin regulating the internet?
7 years 20 weeks ago
In Memory of Logan GoodallIn Memory of Logan Goodall7 years 20 weeks ago
Oppose Blanket Immunity for Bicycling in IowaPetition Pledge7 years 21 weeks ago
Condemn death of BhuttoCondemn death of Bhutto7 years 21 weeks ago
At Geno's Steaks Please, Order in English

Support Joe Vento- Keep the sign in the window.

7 years 23 weeks ago
Bar Professional Athletes from Hall of Fame

Should professional athletes caught using illegal performing enhancing drugs be barred from the Hall of Fame? VOTE!

7 years 24 weeks ago
Greek Public TV paymentPetition Pledge7 years 24 weeks ago
Stop Mandatory VaccinationsStop Mandatory Vaccinations7 years 24 weeks ago
Led Zeppelin World Tour7 years 24 weeks ago
The Golden Compass Movie ... Don't Watch ItThe Golden Compass Movie ... Don't Watch It7 years 25 weeks ago
Help the homelessdonate money or goods (clothes, food, ...) to an organization that helps the homeless7 years 25 weeks ago
Verizon Wireless Alert!Petition Pledge7 years 26 weeks ago
Harsher Punishments for Child AbuseHarsher Punishments for Child Abuse7 years 26 weeks ago
Keep Multihull in 2012 OlympicsKeep Multihull in 2012 Olympics7 years 26 weeks ago
Teach our kids financesTeach our kids finances7 years 26 weeks ago
Sears Supports Troops - We Support Sears!Petition Pledge7 years 26 weeks ago
Tougher Laws for Shooting at Police OfficersPetition Pledge7 years 27 weeks ago
Give Wu Lihong a second trialGive Wu Lihong a second trial7 years 28 weeks ago
Keep Snow Leopards from ExtinctionKeep Snow Leopards from Extinction7 years 29 weeks ago
Save Supernatural7 years 29 weeks ago
The Hobbit MovieThe Hobbit Movie7 years 29 weeks ago
Who Should get into Rock & Roll Hall 2008Madonna7 years 30 weeks ago
Keep Joe TorreKeep Joe Torre7 years 30 weeks ago
Harsher laws against animal abuse!Spread the knowledge of animal abuse and how its spreading more everyday.  To also do the best i can to influence the legislators for better animal rights protect animals better.7 years 31 weeks ago
Who Should Get Ellen's Dog?Should the hairstylist get Iggy back?7 years 31 weeks ago
Ronaldhino's new shoes - real or fake?Is it all Ronaldhino7 years 31 weeks ago
Tonight Show Host - Leno or ConanWho should host the tonight show7 years 32 weeks ago
Return Firefly and Serenity7 years 32 weeks ago
Save Gilmore GirlsSave Gilmore Girls7 years 33 weeks ago
PASSIONS keep it on nbc.com7 years 33 weeks ago
Topps Hamburger Recall AlertTopps Hamburger Recall Alert7 years 34 weeks ago
Bond's 756 Home Run BaseballBestow it- give the ball to Cooperstown. The ball that broke Hank Aaron's career home run record belongs in the Hall of Fame7 years 35 weeks ago
Pirates of the Caribbean 47 years 37 weeks ago
Demand iPhone RebateDemand iPhone Rebate7 years 37 weeks ago
Suspend Michael Vick7 years 37 weeks ago
Tiger Abuse7 years 38 weeks ago
Bring back Seinfeld..Bring back Seinfeld..7 years 39 weeks ago
Stop Animal Testing (aka. torture for animals)7 years 39 weeks ago
PS3 VS Xbox 360PS37 years 39 weeks ago
Reduce Global WarmingReduce, Reuse, Recycle 7 years 40 weeks ago
Ban spanking for children?disagree with the bill and do the traditional way8 years 4 days ago
National Hospice Regatta AllianceAttending a regatta - join the fun, meet others, be a spectator, enjoy good food & evening events.8 years 4 weeks ago
Fight FAA Airspace Redesign for PHL airportWriting your elected officials8 years 6 weeks ago
ALERT Windows IE & Outlook under AttackUse Firefox.8 years 8 weeks ago
Route 252 highway cleanupSaturday, September 29, 2007 @ 8:00am (raindate: Oct 6)8 years 9 weeks ago
New Law Requires Headlights on with WipersTurning on my headlights when my wipers are on.8 years 9 weeks ago
Energy Hog campaignChange one light bulb to compact flourescent 8 years 10 weeks ago
No General Aviation User FeesWriting to my elected representatives8 years 10 weeks ago
Should Mark McGwire be in the Hall of Fame?Vote if Mark McGwire should be selected into the Hall of Fame8 years 11 weeks ago
Keep Internet Radio FreeSigning this pledge- 8 years 11 weeks ago
Abolish the N-wordI pledge to personally not use the n-word8 years 12 weeks ago
Which VanHalen should play for R&R Hall CeremonyBoth share one song.8 years 13 weeks ago
Blu-ray vs. HD DVDI pledge to purchase only "next-generation" high-def devices using the format selected by a majority of the votes placed at years 13 weeks ago
Pick it up! Stop littering.Don't Litter8 years 13 weeks ago
Are You Prepared for A Disaster? Creating a Disaster Plan with my family. 8 years 15 weeks ago
Parents and Youth SportsDoing my best to be a good sport at all times. I will not condone nor encourge unsportmanship behavior on & off the field/ice/court.8 years 15 weeks ago
Support Your Local Family FarmerShop at a local farmer's market8 years 15 weeks ago
computer games that can teach you something usefulSupporting companies who create educational software for kids/adults by buying the games. Promoting educational games in my own family, our friends/neighbors.8 years 15 weeks ago
Friends Don't Let Friends Drive DrunkChoose a non-drinking designated driver8 years 16 weeks ago
Yahoo! Shareholders Unite for Plan Bsupport the Yahoo 'Plan B' proposal. I commit the following number of shares8 years 17 weeks ago
Yahoo! Shareholders In Favor of Selling

add my Yahoo! shares that I own to this "Yahoo! Plan B" Group in order for the group to negotiate the highest possible price for my Yahoo! shares.  I realize that this is an informal pledge, but I represent that I truly own the Yahoo! shares I say I do and am willing to be contacted to verify this.  I understand that Eric Jackson or someone else from the "Yahoo! Plan B" Group will contact me later about the best possible price they are able to negotiate from a buyer, before I will agree to tender my shares.

8 years 17 weeks ago
Fix the BCS!Signing the Petition!8 years 17 weeks ago
Free Hugs CampaignGive free hugs to family and friends8 years 17 weeks ago
SPEAK UP For School SafetyIntroducing the SPEAK UP program to my school8 years 23 weeks ago