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In Breaking Dawn do you think Rosalie is a Bitch??5 years 45 weeks ago
Would you deface twilight??????????5 years 45 weeks ago

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Why is Twilight so popular5 years 44 weeks ago
Who is better?Selena or Miley?5 years 44 weeks ago
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Twilight soundtrack!!!!!5 years 44 weeks ago
which twilight book do you love best?5 years 44 weeks ago
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The Host???5 years 44 weeks ago
twilight the best book ever?????5 years 44 weeks ago
do boys and twilight go together?5 years 44 weeks ago
twilight loveralways love the twilight books.and i also pledge to protect the twilight books and to hit, kick, or bite anyone who disses or says any thing bad about these absoutly wonderful books.5 years 44 weeks ago
Which Twilight Vampire is the HOTEST????5 years 44 weeks ago
Which character in Twilight is just like the book?5 years 44 weeks ago
harry potter/twilightI pledge i will see the movie in theatre and buy the true dvd...5 years 44 weeks ago
Twiligt Love?I pledge to love Twilight and all the other books and the charicters Espally Edward Cullen? 4EVER AND 4EVER!!!5 years 44 weeks ago
Twilighters in the UKI, a member of the UK, USA, Europe, Australia...., pledge to be a Twilight Fanatic for the whole of my life.5 years 45 weeks ago
Which movie are you waiting for?5 years 45 weeks ago
Who's your favorite Twilight character?5 years 45 weeks ago
Twilight - Jacob or Edward?5 years 45 weeks ago
which couple from twilight is your favorite5 years 45 weeks ago
Which book in the twilight saga is the best??5 years 45 weeks ago
love twilght forever???I PLEDGE TO LOVE TWILIGHT FOREVER AND EVER NO MATTER WHAT>!5 years 45 weeks ago
Down with all Twilight haters!!!5 years 45 weeks ago
are you obsessed with twilight ??5 years 45 weeks ago
Which car of Twilight movie do you prefer?5 years 45 weeks ago
make a 5th Twilight Series book!5 years 45 weeks ago
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Twilight Conventions5 years 45 weeks ago
which twilight superpower is best????5 years 45 weeks ago
Pledge urself I pledge to love Twilight forever and ever5 years 45 weeks ago
TWILIGHT or harry potter?5 years 45 weeks ago
Save the Midnight Sun5 years 45 weeks ago