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Thank Someone!!3 years 31 weeks ago
Cancel The Secret Life!5 years 5 weeks ago
Stop Sexism At Schools!5 years 6 weeks ago

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WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE SEASON?3 years 15 weeks ago
Thank Someone!!I pledge to thank someone who has changed my life in any way - big or small - and to remember that those two small "magic words" - "Thank you!" - can make a HUGE impact!!3 years 31 weeks ago
what is your religion?3 years 45 weeks ago
Law against Animal AbuseStand against Animal abuse / cruelty in all forms4 years 27 weeks ago
please save manatees from going extinct!!4 years 27 weeks ago
Eating dogmeat should be illegial in all countries4 years 27 weeks ago
Support for Stadium Lights at Bayard Rustin HS5 years 4 weeks ago
Getting Teens Prepared For LIFE5 years 4 weeks ago
Save the Mexicans!!!!!!!!!!!!5 years 4 weeks ago
Which Twilight Qoute is better???5 years 4 weeks ago
Do you think Robert deserves to be Edward?5 years 4 weeks ago
Higher age restricition on social networking sites5 years 5 weeks ago
Save Our Wolves.5 years 5 weeks ago
I will not wear real furI pledge that I will not wear real fur.5 years 5 weeks ago
Stop the slaughter of America's Wild Horses5 years 5 weeks ago
STOP the Racism5 years 5 weeks ago
Twilight Saga for an "older" generation5 years 5 weeks ago
do u believe in true love5 years 5 weeks ago
Cancel The Secret Life!5 years 5 weeks ago
beagle and animal experimentation in New ZealandPetition Pledge5 years 5 weeks ago
Scientists Making Rain5 years 5 weeks ago
Save Kyle XY5 years 5 weeks ago
cruelty to sharks cruelty to sharks 5 years 5 weeks ago
Save the Midnight Sun5 years 5 weeks ago
Keep the Internet Tax Free!Keep the Internet Tax Free!5 years 5 weeks ago
One Nation Under GodLets keep the Pledge of Allegiance exactly how it was created.  It is a part of our nation's history and should remain unaltered.5 years 5 weeks ago
Muhammad picturesMuhammad pictures5 years 5 weeks ago
Remove Pic of Muhammad Remove Pic of Muhammad 5 years 5 weeks ago
End Discrimination Against IslamEnd Discrimination Against Islam5 years 5 weeks ago
Discontinue pet rentals5 years 5 weeks ago
why do you have to tell us who to marry?!!!5 years 6 weeks ago
Stop China's Dog Fur FactoriesStop China's Dog Fur Factories5 years 6 weeks ago
Stop Animal Testing (aka. torture for animals)5 years 6 weeks ago
lets do this faster, VOTE NOW and save KYLE XY 5 years 6 weeks ago
The Responsible Initiative5 years 6 weeks ago
Stop Sexism At Schools!5 years 6 weeks ago
Stop Homophobia5 years 6 weeks ago
boys and twilight?5 years 6 weeks ago
Harsher laws against animal abuse!Spread the knowledge of animal abuse and how its spreading more everyday.  To also do the best i can to influence the legislators for better animal rights protect animals better.5 years 6 weeks ago
Gay marriage, gay rights!

Please  sign this so we can have the same rights n not be sheltered away like we don't exist! Me should be able to get married n have the same rights as everyone. What if my parnter goes to the hospital? I am turned away because i'm NOT FAMILY!!! I shouldn't be able to go there n see her!

5 years 6 weeks ago