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Who's your favorite Twilight character?6 years 8 weeks ago
Down with all Twilight haters!!!6 years 8 weeks ago
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make a 5th Twilight Series book!6 years 10 weeks ago
Twilight Saga for an "older" generation6 years 10 weeks ago
make a 5th Twilight Series book!6 years 10 weeks ago
More Twilightwe need more twilight6 years 11 weeks ago
Pledge urself I pledge to love Twilight forever and ever6 years 11 weeks ago
Twilight6 years 11 weeks ago
Is twilight the best book ever?6 years 11 weeks ago
Edward and Bellalove Edward and Bella...Forever6 years 11 weeks ago
What Is Your Fav. Twilight Book6 years 11 weeks ago
twilight loveralways love the twilight books.and i also pledge to protect the twilight books and to hit, kick, or bite anyone who disses or says any thing bad about these absoutly wonderful books.6 years 11 weeks ago
Twilight I pledge to stab Jacob Black if Edward and Bella dont stay together xD 6 years 11 weeks ago
EdwardI pledge to love Edward forever and for always and never forget him no matter how long I live.6 years 11 weeks ago
TWILIGHT or harry potter?6 years 11 weeks ago
Which Twilight Qoute is better???6 years 11 weeks ago
WHICH CULLEN DO YOU PREFER?6 years 11 weeks ago