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Who's your favorite Twilight character?6 years 3 weeks ago
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make a 5th Twilight Series book!6 years 5 weeks ago
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Twilight6 years 6 weeks ago
Is twilight the best book ever?6 years 6 weeks ago
Edward and Bellalove Edward and Bella...Forever6 years 6 weeks ago
What Is Your Fav. Twilight Book6 years 6 weeks ago
twilight loveralways love the twilight books.and i also pledge to protect the twilight books and to hit, kick, or bite anyone who disses or says any thing bad about these absoutly wonderful books.6 years 6 weeks ago
Twilight I pledge to stab Jacob Black if Edward and Bella dont stay together xD 6 years 6 weeks ago
EdwardI pledge to love Edward forever and for always and never forget him no matter how long I live.6 years 6 weeks ago
TWILIGHT or harry potter?6 years 6 weeks ago
Which Twilight Qoute is better???6 years 6 weeks ago
WHICH CULLEN DO YOU PREFER?6 years 6 weeks ago