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SAVE MIDNIGHT SUN !!!!!!!!!!PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!5 years 25 weeks ago

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Reduce Global WarmingReduce, Reuse, Recycle 5 years 7 weeks ago
Edward and BellaI Pledge to stab someone if Edward and Bella dont stay together lol xD5 years 17 weeks ago
Which world would you like to live in?5 years 17 weeks ago
CHARMED SONSCHARMED SONS5 years 17 weeks ago
Twilight movie5 years 18 weeks ago
Gilmore Girls TV Movie5 years 18 weeks ago
Do you think True Blood is too much like Twilight?5 years 19 weeks ago
Pledge urself I pledge to love Twilight forever and ever5 years 19 weeks ago
did you hate Edward when he left Bella 5 years 22 weeks ago
harry potter or twilight???5 years 22 weeks ago
OMG MIDNIGHT SUN!!!! HELP SAVE!5 years 22 weeks ago
Robert Pattinson the perfect Edward ?5 years 22 weeks ago
Which Twilight Qoute is better???5 years 22 weeks ago
Pick the Obama Family Dog5 years 22 weeks ago
Stephenie meyer has to finish writing midnight sun5 years 22 weeks ago
MIDNIGHT SUN5 years 22 weeks ago
FINISH MIDNIGHT SUN!5 years 22 weeks ago
Should Stephenie Meyer Publish Midnight Sun?5 years 22 weeks ago
midnight wants to continues5 years 22 weeks ago
The Responsible Initiative5 years 22 weeks ago
Twilight behind the scenes DVD 5 years 24 weeks ago
Bella + Edward + Jacob5 years 25 weeks ago
Save Midnight Sun5 years 25 weeks ago
which couple from twilight is your favorite5 years 25 weeks ago
keep writing?5 years 25 weeks ago
Twillight, New Moon, Eclipse5 years 25 weeks ago
Midnight Sun - ILLEGAL READING!!I pledge to not read any content of Midnight Sun that is not found on Stephenie Meyer's official website. I know that doing so is illegal and is a violation of the author's rights.5 years 25 weeks ago
Save the Midnight Sun5 years 25 weeks ago
Twilight - Alice or Rosalie?5 years 25 weeks ago
Who would you rather be5 years 25 weeks ago
Twilight "Dorky" ????5 years 25 weeks ago
Twilight Fans!!!5 years 25 weeks ago
Mick & Beth or Edward & Bella ?5 years 25 weeks ago
SAVE MIDNIGHT SUN !!!!!!!!!!PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!5 years 25 weeks ago
Save Midnight Sun Part II5 years 25 weeks ago
book midnight sun be sold? 5 years 25 weeks ago
Ugh...school5 years 25 weeks ago
Twilight5 years 25 weeks ago
Everyone Help Save MIDNIGHT SUN5 years 25 weeks ago