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Louisville, Kentucky United States

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I WANT REAL NEWS!........OR ELSE!!!!!7 years 41 weeks ago
B.B.B.09(bush behind bars in 2009)8 years 5 days ago

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Rate the Presidential DebateThought Obama ruled!7 years 31 weeks ago
Obama or McCain7 years 35 weeks ago
why do you have to tell us who to marry?!!!7 years 37 weeks ago
paying for myspace


7 years 39 weeks ago
Questionable Practices from Network SolutionsRaise hell with Network Solutions. Lookup some domains using their and see how fast they get taken. Persuade them that it is not in their best interest to continue this direction.7 years 39 weeks ago
Olympic Games in China7 years 39 weeks ago
Boycott of the 2008 Olympics in Beijing7 years 39 weeks ago
I WANT REAL NEWS!........OR ELSE!!!!!7 years 40 weeks ago
Freedom of Leonard PeltierFreedom of Leonard Peltier7 years 41 weeks ago
Pre-marital sex is wrong!7 years 41 weeks ago
Gay Marriage Legalized in California.7 years 42 weeks ago
Security or Liberty?7 years 42 weeks ago
No Telecom AmnestyNo Telecom Amnesty7 years 42 weeks ago
Help to ban years 42 weeks ago
Dem Ticket: Obama/Clinton or Obama/Edwards?.7 years 49 weeks ago
How should the US deal with Illegal Immigration?YouChoose:7 years 49 weeks ago
Keep the Internet Tax Free!Keep the Internet Tax Free!7 years 49 weeks ago
Florida & Michigan Delegates

The voters were not responsible for the tug-of-war between the state Democratic parties and the DNC. 

Should their original votes count?

7 years 49 weeks ago
Improve the quality of life for our troops8 years 22 hours ago
Say NO to National ID CardSay NO to National ID Card8 years 23 hours ago
Do You Think Obama Has Had Pro-Media Bias?.8 years 23 hours ago
All People have the right to Marry.8 years 1 day ago
Support trucker high fuel strike/ sign petition8 years 2 days ago
Who do you Trust? Obama or Clinton?I will vote for who I trust will be fair and honest with all of the people of this amazing, fortunate country.8 years 3 days ago
Enact Congressional Term Limits8 years 3 days ago
How important is 'Universal Healthcare' to you?8 years 3 days ago
Who Should be President?I support McCain!8 years 4 days ago
B.B.B.09(bush behind bars in 2009)8 years 5 days ago
Keep JerichoI will call the head of CBS and request that the show be brought back in an earlier primetime viewing slot if we can get 1,000 votes for jericho, WITHOUT all sorts of spam and inappropriate language, etc. For every inappropriate comment received I will remove 1 vote for my phone call to CBS. In otherwords I am 1,000% serious about calling. I don't want the childish type of inappropriate behavior seen in so many places. I am willing to call CBS, and talk to the highest executive that I can get on the telephone. I am asking for 1,000 people to support me. I would like each and every person who is in favor to show their support by voting.8 years 5 days ago
Save Jericho!8 years 5 days ago
Led Zeppelin World Tour8 years 5 days ago