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Save Jericho!6 years 4 hours ago
Who should Buffy choose?6 years 4 hours ago
Keep JerichoI will call the head of CBS and request that the show be brought back in an earlier primetime viewing slot if we can get 1,000 votes for jericho, WITHOUT all sorts of spam andĀ inappropriate language, etc. For every inappropriate comment received I will remove 1 vote for my phone call to CBS. In otherwords I am 1,000% serious about calling. I don't want the childish type of inappropriate behavior seen in so many places. I am willing to call CBS, and talk to the highest executive that IĀ can get on the telephone. I am asking for 1,000 people to support me. I would like each and every person who is in favor to show their support by voting.6 years 4 hours ago
Gilmore Girls TV Movie6 years 6 hours ago