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Member since - February 22nd, 2008.
Media, Pennsylvania United States

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Bring Back Larry Mendte6 years 32 weeks ago
Sarah Palin is not qualified to be Vice President6 years 42 weeks ago
Evan Tanner in UFC Hall of Fame6 years 45 weeks ago
Putin blames US for Georgia conflict6 years 48 weeks ago
Mixed Martial Arts In The Olympics For 2012!6 years 49 weeks ago
Pledge to Quit SmokingGiving up Smoking or help others to quit.6 years 50 weeks ago
which Spiderman is better?7 years 1 week ago
And the Oscar Goes to: Heath Ledger7 years 1 week ago
Save The Trees7 years 2 weeks ago
Do you use "Mondegreens"?7 years 3 weeks ago
Sail Around the world with Zac SunderlandTo support Zac's World Wide Adventure.7 years 5 weeks ago
QVC vs HSN - Which One Is Best?7 years 11 weeks ago
Enact Congressional Term Limits7 years 13 weeks ago
Don't drive on June 25 - enough with gas pricesI pledge not to drive on June 257 years 14 weeks ago
Remove Pic of Muhammad Remove Pic of Muhammad 7 years 16 weeks ago
Who owns Indian Head Rock- Kentucky vs Ohio7 years 16 weeks ago
Keep JerichoI will call the head of CBS and request that the show be brought back in an earlier primetime viewing slot if we can get 1,000 votes for jericho, WITHOUT all sorts of spam and inappropriate language, etc. For every inappropriate comment received I will remove 1 vote for my phone call to CBS. In otherwords I am 1,000% serious about calling. I don't want the childish type of inappropriate behavior seen in so many places. I am willing to call CBS, and talk to the highest executive that I can get on the telephone. I am asking for 1,000 people to support me. I would like each and every person who is in favor to show their support by voting.7 years 17 weeks ago
PS3 VS Xbox 360Xbox 3607 years 17 weeks ago
Databases in SchoolMicrosoft Access is the defacto standard, it's the sort of tool that pupils will use when leaving school.  Online tools look OK but do not offer the flexibility of Access not it's integration with the rest of the office suite.  In addition the relational tools in access provide a clear diagramatic representation of the database and allow concepts to develop more completely (for example a many to many relationship vis an interim table).7 years 17 weeks ago
PS3 40GB No Backwards Compatibility!Petition Pledge7 years 18 weeks ago
Wear Red on Friday until Troops Come HomeWear Red on Friday until Troops Come Home7 years 18 weeks ago
Florida & Michigan Delegates

The voters were not responsible for the tug-of-war between the state Democratic parties and the DNC. 

Should their original votes count?

7 years 21 weeks ago
Led Zeppelin World Tour7 years 23 weeks ago