The FREE YouChoose Widget
How do I get the Widget?
Interested in the YouChoose Widget? We don't blame you! From the list below, please select where you would like to add the widget. Then follow the instructions given on the pages to follow. If you would like to add it to your own personal website, please click Personal Site Edition YouChoose button. After your selection you will be guided through a wizard that will instruct you on which widget is best for you and how to implement it onto your blog or website. Select your widget platform
Select Facebook Select MySpace Select Blogger Select Personal Site
What is a Widget?
A Widget is an application that can be added to websites without any major coding work or HTML knowledge. Not only is the YouChoose Widget the ultimate application for sharing campaigns and forums on multiple web sites, but our standard setup process also gives you incredible flexibility in searching through and choosing which content you want to use the most. Don't have the time to set your widget up with specific content? No problem! Simply select the express set up option to include the content which you were originally viewing. With the FREE YouChoose Widget, you can get closer than ever before to realizing your dream of conquering the galaxy.
What can the Widget do for me?
Think of the YouChoose Widget as your key to passionately sharing your views with the world. Search the list by keyword or category, preview the forum of your choice, and select it to include in a widget you already have. But wait, there's more: you can also change the forum topics at any time, so that you're always shouting your most important and compelling crusades from the rooftops (or, perhaps laptops). No doubt, by this point, you're jumping up and down, "How do I get this marvelous Universal Widget?" Psst... look at the section to the left and select a platform!
YouChoose Widget Features
Extend Your Reach Build A Social Network Engage Your Visitors Energize Your Discussion Encourage Action on Issues Make Sharing Discussions Easy